Ife Akinroyeje.

Photographer, workshop facilitator, and researcher.

Formally known as Hiders Seekers.

Based in London and works worldwide.

Ife has won a variety of prizes and awards for her photography and research work, and has presented and exhibited around the globe including the UK, Berlin, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Ife's research focuses on themes including racial justice, community, feminism, employment, housing, gender, and sexuality.

Companies Ife has photographed for include: Red Bull, Boiler Room, gal-dem, Afropunk, Slay In Your Lane, Ann Summers, Babe, Outlook Festival, STA Travel, Social Life, Faded, Lovespecs, Sukeban magazine, and many more...

Contact Email: ifeakinroyeje@gmail.com

Other work

Wanderers of Colour

Ife is the founder of Wanderers Of Colour a group committed to social justice through improving access to travel and the outdoors for people of colour. For more information please see:

Website: https://www.wanderersofcolour.com/

Contact Email: wanderersofcolour@gmail.com

Health Pioneers

Ife is the trustee and co-founder of Health Pioneers, a charity that empowers young people to shape the health of their communities by improving their environment, providing a platform to cultivate and voice their ideas, ensuring representation and equipping them with the tools to make the change needed.  For more information please see: 

Website: https://www.healthpioneerscharity.com/

Contact Email: m2h@healthpioneerscharity.com

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